Every successful team, be it sporting, commercial or family, is made up of individuals whose unique skills mesh together to form a whole that is greater than its parts. This is obviously true of the Proteus team, and we like to feel that, amongst us, we cover a majority of the skills required to be a successful business. So put some faces to some names before you come and see us on site - it'll be well worth the journey.

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Managing Director

The Man with the Vision - It's all his fault! Having worked in the packaging industry for a dozen years, Ken took the next obvious step in 1996 and started his own manufacturing company, but despite him 'living and eating' work Ken's creativity has other outlets too!

He has an almost obsessive love of Vespa scooters, which has manifested itself into a collection of more than 40 very special examples. Along with this, his love of all things sixties means that there is also a fine selection of classic British cars in the general vicinity - a Zephyr, an Avenger, an Anglia; these are just a taster of what he might appear in at any given time.