Mercedes Benz Giant B

Quite frankly no one was more suprised than us when in May 2005 we received a telephone call on behalf of Chrysler Benz Ltd asking if we could make them a quantity of Giant Bee's! Never ones to miss out on an opportunity we told them that we were confident that we could and were quick to voice our concerns that we weren't sure how we would make the wings. This comment was greeted with no small amount of incredulity as they were of course looking for a capital letter B and not the insect that we were so quick to assume!! The exact requirement was for a free standing capital letter B of daunting proportions consisting of six feet tall by four feet wide and two foot thick, full colour printed throughout, with a built in leaflet dispenser just to keep it fun. If that wasn't difficult enough they had to have over 140 of them delivered no later than three weeks from the initial phone call. We naively thought that this shouldn't be too tricky for blokes like ourselves and were quite chuffed when we delivered a quarter scale proteustype into their posession within 48 hours. This was followed-up three days later by a full scale version which subsequently turned into an order with only fourteen days to manufacture them. At first we were so proud that a corporation with the might of Chrysler Benz would choose Proteus in Upper Dicker to be involved in the important launch of the B Class Mercedes until we realised that up until contacting us they had been unsuccesful in finding another company stupid enough to say "yes, this shouldn't be a problem". (which of course it was!) It is with no small amount of pride that this deadline was met, however to achieve it we had fourteen days of 5am starts and 10pm finishes and even though we hired in no less than 12 extra agency staff, this wasn't enough to prevent our nerves being well and truly frayed. This product and the way it was executed still remains one of the pinnacles of our achievement. The design consisted of over 160 individual components including large format high quality UV resistant ink-jet printing as well as huge screen printed sides. This product was in every Chrysler Benz dealership in the British isles with a design life of three months. It is a testament to our high quality construction the many dealers still proudly displayed them over a year after their initial installation. It will then of course come as no suprise that we are eagerly anticipating the launch of the P class Mercedes as we must surely be in pole position to win this contract, fingers crossed!

Allcopy Products Ltd

Our association with Allcopy Products Ltd goes back as far as 1998 when with no small amount of relief they had at last found a company who would take a start-up situation requiring extremely low volumes seriously. We are proud to say that 11 years on this relationship has flourished and they are a significant client whose business importance has grown for us as they have expanded. Their Managing Director, Nick Holmes was quick to realise the importance of high quality printed packaging as an important marketing tool to enable them to succesfully break into an aggressive market place dominated by multi-national corporations. Allcopy Products Ltd now hold a very strong position in their field and are aware that our unwavering commitment to design innovation and fast turn around supply is in no small part a contribution to their success. In fact when Allcopy decided to launch the succesful "A1 Toner" brand it was our design that was adopted as their universal logo which has proved extremely succesful in recent years. As seen in the photos the green maxlife cartridge box has proved very popular due to its striking colour and graduated footprint logo which along with being fun also succesfully conveys the message of the importance of recycling toner cartridges. We at Proteus are proud of our involvement with this succesful company.